Couples Counseling in Halifax

A healthy relationship is a shelter from life’s storms and a place of support and stability where we safely navigate all of life’s challenges. When our romantic partnerships are damaged or changing, everything in our life feels a little less stable. Whether you’re working to build a new relationship, trying to repair a broken intimacy bond, or growing closer in your loving partnership, couples counseling in Halifax may be just what you’re looking for.

Emotion focused therapy is a treatment modality that points out how pathological patterns of communication develop within a relationship. It consists of three stages. The first is to identify patterns of miscommunication. Second, the couple becomes aware when they’re stuck in the non beneficial pattern, and third, the psychologist teaches them to step out of the harmful pattern and interact differently.

Despite our best efforts, some relationships will end in divorce or separation. While this is always difficult, working with a therapist during the dissolution of your partnership helps both partners achieve a sense of peace before moving forward. Counseling during a separation or divorce may be especially important when there are children who will be affected. We also offer family therapy if you want to include your children in the discussions.

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Do you and your partner have a specific dispute you just can’t seem to work through? Whether it’s deciding how to manage your finances, where to live, how to deal with the in-laws, repairing your relationship after infidelity, or any other issue, our psychologists partner with you to resolve these issues once and for all. In addition to serving as mediators as you resolve your disputes, we also help you to improve your communication skills and intimacy bonds, so you prevent arguments or resolve future conflicts together.

"“The strongest amongst us are those who can reach for others." - Sue Johnson

Our Treatment Approach

Just as we do when working with individuals and families, our psychologists will adjust our approach to couples counseling to ensure we’re meeting the needs of the partners who work with us. We typically use components of emotion focused therapy and attachment theory as well as other treatment styles. When you and your partner visit our office, we’ll discuss the concerns that brought you to see us and create a plan to help you achieve your goals.

"The strongest amongst us are those who can reach for others." - Sue Johnson

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